Stand Alone

Make one of our stories ("Ángel", "Elena") a stand-alone. It can easily be slipped into your intermediate-Spanish course. Divided into manageable segments, students read a bit each night for a two-week period. Along with pre- and post-reading activities, you and your students will have a lot to talk about. 

Build a Course

You can take several of our stories ("Ángel", "Elena") and build a semester-long course around them. We supply pre- and post-reading activities and you supply supplemental videos, TalkAbroad sessions, writing activities, and other things to make for a great capstone course at the end of the second year of university language study.  


Don't have time to create your own pre- and post-reading activities for our stories? Not a problem! Once you confirm adoption of a story for your class or classes, we will provide activities for you to upload into your course management system. Contact us for samples or more information.